EO2-FORM is the new high pressure formed tube Generation of the Tube Fittings Division Europe. As with EO2-Plus, it is designed in to eliminate leakage in all fluid systems, by using elastomeric sealing systems.
The common feature of all EO2-FORM connections are the EO2 seal elements (Dry Technology) as well as the new cold forming process, that gives extreme rigidity and low tightening torques. The seals are now also available in FPM (e.g. Viton®) for applications with higher temperatures or aggressive media. Through EO2-FORM, elastomeric sealing technology is made available even where bite-type connectors are not popular, like in hydraulic presses, cranes, lifts or ship canal locks. Compared to welding or brazing, the EO2-FORM process is faster and easier. It does not require special tube treatment, heating or chemicals.
EO2-FORM is designed for metric tube and fully interchangeable to the complete Ermeto Original product range according to ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353. EO2-FORM is available in “L“- and “S“-Series.

EO2-Form Features
Elastomeric sealing
The high volume elastomeric seal assures a hermetically sealed tube joint. It is located in between the inner cone of the fitting body and the tube surface, thus blocking the only possible leak path.
Due its large cross section, the seal effectively compensates for all manufacturing tolerances between the tube and fitting cone.
The sealing effect is pressure supported which makes the EO2-FORM fitting ideal for high pressure applications. The static compression also eliminates air-ingress into the fluid system in vacuum conditions.
Elastomerically sealed EO2-FORM fittings do not require any retightening even in heavy-duty applications. Seal extrusion is prevented by proper housing without gaps or dead volume areas.
The sealing lip is bonded to a metallic support ring.

Cold-formed tube
The cold-forming of the tube is carried out by the EO2-FORM machine. Machine operation and tool set-up are optimised for short cycle times, which makes the process easy and fast. The tube is
connected when the sealing ring is fixed and the nut is tightened. The working contact area of the EO2-FORM connection is the flat front surface of the metallic support ring which is made of heat-treated, high-strength steel. This provides superior mechanical strength without settling, loosening or need for re-tightening.

Advantages & Benefits of the EO2-Form fitting system
Highest Pressure Performance:
Due to the application of even better materials combined with the special processing of individual components, EO2-FORM can be used in applications of up to 800 bar
(S series) and 500 bar (L series). EO-FORM considerably exceeds the DIN/ISO requirements and guarantees a 4-fold design factor. Thanks to the higher pressure levels, less expensive “L“ series fittings can now be used instead of the heavier “S“ series, which also is of benefit in limited or tight space applications.

Sealing capability:
The high volume elastomeric seal forms the primary sealing element, thus assuring leak-free sealing. Even low-viscosity media such as water or gas are hermetically sealed.
Hydraulic systems therefore do not “sweat“ at the fitting joints.

The EO2-FORM machine can cold-form all common steel tubes used in hydraulic systems (the EO2-FORM process also allows the use of stainless steel and exotic materials such as CuNiFe;
please ask for separate catalogue). EO2-FORM tools cover metric tube from 6 to 42 mm OD. Thin wall tube of 1 mm wall thickness can be processed, too.
Superior vibration resistance:
The new EO2-FORM process achieves a smooth structural transformation of the tube wall allowing superior vibration resistance.

The elastomeric seal does not require any re-tightening even after years of operation under severe working conditions.

Compared to welding or brazing, EO2-FORM is much less time consuming. Special tube preparation and finishing are not necessary. Forming uses only a fraction of the energy needed for brazing or welding.

Tube clamping and tooling are fully automated. Therefore, high and consistent quality is achieved without manual adjustment.

Noise Reduction:
Compared to other forming methods, the EO2-FORM process results in a smooth inner contour of the tube that does not allow the accumulation of air, dirt or other sources of trouble.
Less pressure drop, heat and noise is created.
EO2-FORM connections can be disassembled and reassembled many times. There is no wear or widening of the vulnerable fitting inner cone.

Both, EO2 high pressure tube fittings and the EO2-FORM process are tested and approved by independent organisations such as Germanischer Lloyd and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).
Small bending radii:
The compact clamping device and special dies are suitable for forming short tube ends.

The EO2-FORM process is environmentally clean and safe. As no heat is used, hazards from chemicals, fumes or heat do not occur.